In a manufacturing subprocess performed on two modern systems or as a service, we will

free metallic and ceramic surfaces of residual greases, oils, emulsions, and release agents.

In the full vacuum system, objects such as through holes, blind holes, and folds are

degreased until free of residue and then dried using perchlorethylene or modified alcohol.

For geometrically complex parts or bulk goods, we can also include ultrasonic treatment

as an option.


All properties of the cleaning process can be specified individually for your products.

Starting with the various program parameters such as the processing time, rotating and

pivoting the wash baskets, full baths and steam degreasing and including the use of

different inserts for our wash baskets, we can guarantee optimal placement of individual

parts and bulk goods. Furthermore, the surface tension is checked in-process using test

ink, and a reference measurement is also taken using a contact angle measuring